Dental Clinics

SCF holds annual dental clinics in Savusavu both at the local hospital and at the Cousteau Resort. Patients are provided teeth cleanings and treated for a variety of dental problems that require advanced expertise, complex procedures and specialized equipment.

In addition to the clinics SCF purchased more than $50,000 (U.S.) in portable dental equipment. When not used by our dentists, Savusavu Hospital dentists use this equipment for their outreach programs to remote villages and schools. We are pleased to see this equipment be used year-round.

Fluoride Clinics

Every year since 2005, SCF has conducted fluoride clinics throughout Savusavu schools and villages, as well as at remote villages. To date, SCF has provided more than 10,000 fluoride treatments and distributed 18,000 toothbrushes.

Fijian Vocabulary

We had to learn some key Fijian words in order to hold our dental clinics.

  • Mai— Come
  • Mosi na batimu— Do you have a toothache?
  • Eve na mosi— Where is the pain?
  • Barasi— Brush
  • Dola— Open
  • Kua ni tilo— Don’t swallow
  • Dabe— Sit
  • Wawa e tuba— Wait outside
  • Katia kokoa— Bite down hard
  • Malua— Gently
  • Kasivi— Spit

How Can You Help?

If you are a dentist, dental technician or oral surgeon and are planning on travelling to Fiji, and you would like to help, please contact us. There is always a need for more visits to villages for Fluoride Clinics and there are always more Dental Clinics being planned. Please contact us for more information.

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