Environmental Protection

SCF understands that nature and especially the ocean are integral to the Fijian way of life. It would be impossible to be partnered with a resort bearing the Cousteau name and not focus efforts on preserving and protection the sea life of Fiji.

We have worked on a variety of environmental protection projects.

  • Reef Protection and Buoy Projects
  • Coral Rehabilitation Project
  • Giant Clam Repopulation Project
  • Mangrove Restoration Projects

Coral Reef Rehabilitation

Coral reefs make up the most complex marine ecosystem on earth, essential to literally millions of plant and animal species. Over the past decade, diseases, storms, coral predators, high water temperatures, and a multitude of direct and indirect human activities have damaged coral reefs in Savusavu Bay. If the broken off coral fragments fall on unstable substrate such as sand or silt, the survival rate is low compared to falling on a stable sold substrate. These latter fragments can naturally clone to become larger colonies.

So SCF is funding Cousteau Resort’s Marine Biologist to develop a pilot coral garden plot, with a total of 90 fragments already in place. Storm generated, finger length coral fragments are placed on plugs made with non-toxic concrete and temporary plastic paper cups that will act as a mold. This is more sustainable method compared to breaking coral fragments from parent colony. Once firmly attached to the plugs, they will be deployed on a mesh grid at a depth of 5m and monitored over time for survival and growth rate. When the fragments reach an acceptable cubical growth the plugs can be placed in suitable parts of the reef.

Tridacna Clam Repopulation Project

Overfishing of the giant clams of Fiji by commercial fisherman caused the near extinction of the largest species and severely damaged the overall clam populations. Ecologically clams are important as they filter water of pollutants and thus aid in maintaining water quality and they are a natural wonder to see.

To assist in repopulation, SCF funds the construction of Tridacna Clam cages to protect the young juveniles from their natural predators. We partner with Johnny Singh, JMC’s Marine Biologist, to do the general maintenance work like cleaning the cages and clams. Once they reach an acceptable and sustainable size they will be placed on dive or snorkel sites that have low population or depopulated clams.

One clam cage roughly costs FJD$300. Your cash donations go to the funding of this project and if you specifically would like to fund some cage construction with your donation, please specify in a note with your donation.

How Can You Help?

If you are a diver and are planning on travelling to Savusavu Fiji, and you would like to help, please contact us. There is always environmental protection and dive related projects being organized and one could be planned around your visit. Please contact us for more information how to help.

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