School Construction Projects

The Foundation helps fund and plan various construction projects around Savusavu in coordination with the community as needs arise.

Below are some examples of school related construction projects the foundation has accomplished in recent years.

Jerusalemi Village Kindergarten

A group of villages around Jerusalemi village (near Savusavu) had a large number of kindergarten age children, but no facilities for them to attend. So in 2014, SCF built the kindergarten schoolhouse, as well as neighboring toilet facilities, and paid tuition for the new teacher.

Jerusalemi Kindergarten is one of many that SCF has built. SCF has built one or two kindergartens a year for the past four years and is planning additional kindergarten construction projects on an ongoing basis.

St. Andrews Toilet Block Project

The students at St. Andrews, a local school near Savusavu, had to walk a quarter of a mile to use the village toilet facilities. So in 2014, SCF constructed a toilet and shower block for them.

In 2015, SCF constructed another toilet and shower block for St. Bedes School.

Toilet blocks are an ongoing concern at local schools, so SCF is constantly coordinating with schools to build more.

How Can You Help?

If you are visiting Fiji and would like to spend a day helping with the construction of a school project, please let us know. If you would like to donate funding to assist in future construction projects that would be immensely useful. For any inquiries on how to help please contact us.

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