Rebuilding Projects

SCF has been rebuilding many of the buildings destroyed or damaged by Cyclone Winston. Focus has been on bridges to facilitate transportation capabilities of the villages and increase the ability to move relief and construction materials. Focus as well has been put on rebuilding and upgrading community halls in various villages. These provide immediate shared space and future cyclone sheltering locations if necessary.

Nakoromaca and Nukubalavu Bridge Projects

Cyclone Winston wiped out bridges in Nakoromaca and Nukubalavu villages. SCF has provided materials for the rebuilding of these bridges.

Nacekoro Village Community Hall Rebuild

Tropical Cyclone Winston destroyed the community hall at Nacekoro village. SCF stepped in to provide much of the materials for the rebuild project.

A big thanks to Ocean Futures Society for partnering with SCF on this project and also to the carpenters who live at Nacekoro who helped with the heavy lifting. Great job guys!

Nabaka Village Community Hall Rebuild

SCF helped Nabaka Village rebuild their community hall, which was destroyed by Cyclone Winston. The village’s top builders, along with JMC carpenters provided the labor and SCF provided all the materials.

Nukabaluva Rebuild Project

Friends Helping Fiji graciously donated their time to rebuild the village of Nukabalavu. SCF funded the building materials, roofing iron, timber, and roofing screws for the rebuild.

  • Repaired roofs of 24 homes
  • Extensive rebuild of 4 homes
  • Repair of the community hall
  • Repair of the kindergarten

How Can You Help?

If you are visiting Fiji and would like to spend a day helping with the construction of a school project or would like to donate tuition for a teacher for a village in need, please contact us.

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