Disaster Relief

Severe cyclones are endemic to Fiji and in recent years the storms have been devastatingly impactful to coastal villages and some of the less wealthy villages with poorer construction building quality standards.

The Foundation is actively engaged with preparation and response for disasters with a focus on cyclone relief.

Here is how we help:

  • Immediate Relief
    • In-Country Emergency Cache Mobilization
    • Emergency Tent Housing
    • Emergency Medicine, Food and other necessities
  • Rebuilding Projects
    • Rebuilding of multiple village community halls and hundreds of roofs replaced and dozens of homes rebuilt or replaced.
    • Partnering with other organizations to mobilize builders, architects and materials for implementation of cyclone reinforced building standards.

How Can You Help?

There are still many rebuilding projects that could use funding and construction assistance. If you would like to specifically fund a rebuilding project or you are travelling to Fiji and would like to physically help with some construction please contact us.

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