How We Help

Since establishment in 2003, Savusavu Community Foundation (SCF) has obtained donations of more than FJ$55 million (US$28 million) in support of healthcare, education, environmental, disaster relief, cultural preservation and community support for thousands of people in Savusavu, the main city on the island of Vanua Levu, and throughout the entire country of Fiji. We’re pleased that 100% of these donations goes directly to projects benefiting Fiji, as SCF pays no salaries or overhead. Many of these services and projects were non-existent prior to SCF’s involvement. SCF provides all of these services free of charge.

Here’s a partial list of SCF’s accomplishments and projects through 2017

  • Since 2003, SCF has obtained donations of FJ$26 million in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies for Savusavu, Labasa, Ba and Nabouwalu Hospitals and remote nursing stations. All donations included shipping costs from around the world to Fiji.
  • Obtained donations and shipping of FJ$29 million in pharmaceuticals for Fiji Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Services, including overnight air shipping after cyclones. Donated FJ$2.5 million in cyclone relief meds and supplies to Fiji’s National Health Emergency & Disaster Management Office immediately after TC Winston.
  • Provided post-cyclone support, including sending two emergency medical teams, high-wind resistant tents, within 72 hours after the TC Winston hit; helped rebuild 24 homes, and built three village community halls, provided materials to homeowners to rebuild, including donations of 250,000 roofing screws and containers of IKEA flat-pack kitchens (cabinets).
  • Purchased more than FJ$115,000 in pharmaceuticals for Savusavu, Nabouwalu and Labasa Hospitals – meds which were not available through normal channels.
  • Obtained donations of cancer and other specialty meds, from throughout the world, for specific patients, as requested by FPBS and CWM.
  • Held annual clinics: dermatology, orthopedic, women’s health, eye care, prosthetic eye replacement, pediatric, chiropractic, pulmonary, dental and fluoridation, including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, supplies, airfares and accommodations (thanks to JMC) for medical team – all at no expense to patients. For example, at the eye clinics, there have been more than 1,000 sight-saving surgeries (e.g., cataract removal) and 8,000+ exams resulting in provision of free prescription eye glasses. SCF now maintains a “bank” of 10,000 pairs of eye glasses, so that everyone in need can be fitted for free.
  • Distributed 18,000 toothbrushes and fluorided the teeth of 2,800 children.
  • Built kindergartens and kindergarten playgrounds; built toilet facilities for schools; provided books and educational equipment; paid USP tuitions for many teachers, donated to school building funds; donated 300 laptop computers, plus Wi-Fi and internet connection to eight schools; paid off portion of school land lease.
  • Built village water treatment facilities; distributed individual home water filters; donated to village building funds; paid for extension of electric line to village; rebuilt and repaired homes damaged by cyclones; repaired and replaced bridges.
  • Paid for transportation and medical costs for hundreds of patients, including international expenses
  • Made hundreds of donations to local clubs, charities, and youth sports leagues.
  • Donated over 4,000 Christmas food hampers to needy villages of Cakaudrove province, including food supplies, pots and pans, fruit trees, gardening supplies, wheel barrows, machetes, seeds, and sporting goods for the children. (Between 250-350 hampers each year)
  • Refurbished selected wards, bathrooms, operating theater, windows and screening at Savusavu Hospital, including installation of new aircon for the operating theater, built pharmacy storage room and children’s illness management facility.
  • Donated laptop computers to hospital staff and Savusavu Health Department.
  • Donated food and essential supplies after all cyclones.
  • Provided support for reef (coral) preservation and regeneration projects, giant clam protection projects, and reef markers to reduce fishing and boating accidents.

Summary of all our projects

How Can You Help?

If you are a doctor, dentist, educator or in construction and traveling to Fiji and would like to assist on a project, please contact us. For more information about SCF or to make a donation or grant, please contact us.

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